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What does Objeto a stand for?  

> What does Objeto a stand for?

> Our way of working

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This Arts Center is named after the Lacanian conception of “Object a” According to this, Object a is the “object of desire”. The Lacanian subject is based upon lack and therefore, Objeto a represents that which could potentially fill the manqué a etre, or gap in being, although this possibility is never filled because of the endless deferral of desire. We are immersed in the continuous search for that which will “complete us”, a search that encourages us to live on.

This search, inherent to the human race, becomes a place of encounters and disencounters, of similitude and difference. We firmly believe that it is within the art where we can really appreciate all these, where we can visualize and continue the search of each one, personified in the works achieved and the ones in process.

Our condition as human beings is reflected in the arts, beyond time and ideologies, beyond beliefs and customs. It is through the arts that we explore our needs, and lack, and therefore try to solve them. We could say that it is a path with no ending whatsoever. There is no final piece; there is always something else to do, to achieve, and to find …something that is unreachable. There is always an Object a for every artist, and for all of us.

Objeto a becomes a place open to that search, a place where different artistic styles can interact. A place free of ideological prejudices, with no territorial or conceptual restraints. A place of communion for all those who desire to take part in an artistic experience, whether it is through showing their work, learning, teaching, discussing or observing.

Our way of Working  

We will present thematic shows each month. This means that we will choose a specific issue and we will work it out in different disciplines. For instance, we will present the fiction genre, therefore during that month we will display paintings on the subject, we will also organize talks about it, we will offer a course on fiction literature and so on.

There will be a wide range of activities. We aim to boost the artistic discussion and the promotion of new talent through the interchange of experiences and knowledge. Therefore each month Object a will present an art exhibition, talks and workshops, always working side by side with a team of professionals (artists, researchers, professors, etc).

At the same time we will offer a complete agenda of different courses and workshops that will go on during the entire year, no matter which issue is being discussed at the time.

Facilities and Amenities  

Objeto a presents a mix of architectural styles. It preserves many of the typical features of the 1920’s and, at the same time, it introduces many contemporary designs.

Walking through the first floor you can find the exhibition room and the conference room (with space for 25 persons). The conference room is also used for the courses that require the use of the media center, and for the theater workshops. On the same floor, visitors can find a bar and a small, cozy backyard. Going upstairs you will find the offices and the workshop area. Across both rooms lies a mezzanine level specially designed as a store for all the art-works. Visitors must make an appointment if they want to visit it.

In between the first and the second floor you will find a cute, small terrace which treasures the main attraction of the house: a 50 year old vine. You can get there from the original stairs of the house through the backyard or through the workshop area.

All the rooms at Objeto a are equipped with cutting edge technology, as well as lighting and sound equipment. The Arts Center also has facilities for the handicapped.