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Opening night
On the 4th of June Objeto a dressed itself up in order to receive art critics, artists, professors and art-lovers. Over three hundred persons came to visit this new Arts Space.
The opening exhibition was in charge of Cachorro Agote who decided to summon very well knowon artists such as Maggie de Koenigsberg, Alicia Disario, Nora Iniesta, Marco Otero, Duilio Pierri, FIFA 15 Coins Alejandro Raineri and Richard Sturgeon.
The event considered the special participation of “Buena Letra”, an art piece made by Susana Barbará selected by Graciela Taquini, the musical presentation of Lucio Marrone and Jimena Formica and the musical performance organized by Alejandro Iglesias Rossi, Creator and Director of the UNTREF Orchestra of native instruments and new technologies. On the top flor the curator decided to exhibit some Works of his students: Teresa DimeT, María Eugenia Llorente, Betty Maya, Teté Pohl, Gerardo Rivas, Mabel Riviera y Mario Villafañe.
In this inaugural stage Objeto a was accompanied by BHG, FIFA Coins , Cablevisión, Fibertel, Establecimiento Las Marías, Familia Zuccardi and by the cultural magazine Ñ as media- partner.
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